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Our Services

Innovating into deeper ideas for the best Products and Services
We have skilled technical and development teams are always working closely with every customer to capture and understand their unique and specific requirements.
Cost reduction, increase productivity, production efficiency, innovation, user friendly, safety, flexibility, training and support with minimum environmental impact are the driving forces in every project we undertake.
We provide a 3D CAD conversion service whereby we take 2D input in various forms, from hand sketches to complex multi-sheet 2D drawings and then convert to 3D CAD also 2D conversion & BOM/BOQ from 3D data.
We have design and manufacturing expertise to undertake a detailed post-development exercise in product cost reduction using best-in-class methodologies.
FEA is a numerical simulation tool used to predict structure response to the given load or testing conditions. The FEA simulation could find out potential design issues, allow for design/process changes in very early stage, and then save project redesign/testing time, cost, etc.
We offer part and assembly prototyping. The process of prototyping helps designers to glean valuable information and feedback about a new project before going into full-scale production.
Our facility is equipped with highly advanced 5 axis CNC bending machines to bend tubes for various application. and customer specific tubes in steel, stainless steel, copper & aluminium.
We provide CNC machining services for all kind of industries., and We are capable of handling high volume production runs for a wide range of projects.
Metal fabrication services are offered such as metal manufacturing, engineering and assembly facilities from design to delivery , from simple metal enclosures to complex fully-integrated assemblies.
We are capable to develop individual solutions for customer requirement of Steel & Aluminium casting components by our contract manufacturing department,.
We have welding booths located in our facilities. We purchase all required material that is compliant with any specifications for company procedures or welder qualification needed.

We provide innovative Product Solutions for sustainable progress. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness on the market.

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